The Go-Bag

The Go-Bag


The Go-BagSawnoff 5

Sometimes in the fight versus supernatural evil the fight has to be taken directly to the enemy; at these times the Father’s weapon is an 18 ¼” double-barrelled, Remington 12 ga. break-action, external hammer coach gun with a weighted pistol grip ca.1892.

Doctorbag side

The weapon is kept in a large doctors’ bag with the following shells:
• 10 #4 steel shot shells for use against all manner of targets and particularly against the fey.
• 15 flexible baton (beanbag) shells (LTL shells that stun instead of kill the target).
• 5 Dragonsbreath® shells (lots of things burn, especially with zircon oxide).
• 15 shells filled with rock salt (some things are susceptible to salt).
• 5 silver #00 buckshot shells (useful against were-critters).

Doctorbag open

Also included in the case are:
• Small first aid kit.
• 20 oz. bottle of holy water.
• Vial of anointing oil.
• 2 blessed candles (sick room candles).
• Box of strike anywhere matches.
• Some host in a small metal box.


Authors note: In my brief flirtation with SASS (an expensive if fun hobby)most of the guys had wooden carts they toted everything around in. One guy who really liked Doc from Gunsmoke had his kit in a setup like the one above. He kept his sawed-off, 50 shells two bottles of water, his cigars and a couple of tampons (a really ingenious way to clean the barrels),some solvent and gun oil.

The Go-Bag

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